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  • TFS was established in 2001;
  • holds the worldwide license for the triboelectric purification (TEP™) process.  Six patents developed by TFS principals are the basis for TEP;
  • invented the automated foam index test (AFIT™) instrumentation and owns the AFIT™ patents;
  • provides TEP™ testing services using laboratory-based equipment to measure the efficacy of dry separation processing on client powders;
  • provides AFIT™ services to quantify the foam index/foaming properties of pozzolans, air entraining agents (AEA) and surfactants;
  • designs, manufactures, sells and installs commercial and laboratory-scale TEP™ and AFIT™ equipment;
  • received the first and only National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST), Advanced Technology Program (ATP) award within the Commonwealth of Kentucky;
  • received small business innovative research (SBIR) awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for development of AFIT™ equipment;
  • holds a Collaborative Agreement with EPRI for applying commercial TEP™ equipment at EPRI member utilities;
  • establishes cooperative R&D contracts and agreements with partnering companies.


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