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R&D Facilities/CapabilitiesLaboratory at TFS is devoted to technology development and application

Laboratory. We use, develop and demonstrate TEP™ for separating fine-sized (1µm-to-800µm) particle mixtures within client-TFS collaborations or on a service basis. The equipment feed capacities are between 0.5-to-200 lb-per-hour. Precious samples as small as 0.1 lb, or industrial-sized shipments as large as 2000 lb, can be processed using ultra-pure or standard air conditions. Response to industrial needs and schedules is top priority.


Automated Foam Index Test (AFIT TM)Automated Foam Index Test (AFIT™).  Our unique AFIT™ instrument establishes the standard by which the foam indices of cements and mineral admixtures for concrete are quantified.  After loading a sample into the sample cell, AFIT™ introduces a preset amount of water and then titrates AEA/water mixtures selected by the user.  Upon detecting foam stability, AFIT™ completes its measurements, displays and stores foam index and foam dynamics data, and then drains and cleans the cell to ready it for the next sample.


  Other. TFS performs sieve analyses (500 mesh-to-10 mesh), loss-on-ignition (LOI), and particle-size and size distributions. Using a long-standing and respected independent contractor, TFS can also provide a complete chemical and physical analysis of most solid, liquid or gas samples. Also available are new TEP protocols for separating particles on the basis of densities and sizes.  
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