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The patented technologies and instruments offered by TFS are at the forefront of innovation.  They offer unique and effective capabilities to powder purification and foam/foaming determinations.

The modular TEP™ technology allows powder purification at feed capacities between lb-per-hour to tons-per-hour.  It removes micrometer-sized impurities, preserving around 90% of the feed material at greatly diminished impurity concentrations.  In combustion fly ash processing, the application of TEP™ converts a mineral byproduct of no-value into a marketable fly ash product having values at high as $70 (USD) per ton by selectively extracting unburned carbon.  In metal powder purification, the application of TEP™ could add more than $1 (USD) profit to every pound of powder sold. 

The AFIT™ instrumentation can be used in either an analytical or process control mode.  In the analytical AFIT™ instrument, an operator loads a sample cell, pushes a button on a computer interface, and then can walk away letting the computer software step through a repeatable, quantitative procedure before displaying the foam index value.  In the process control mode, samples are automatically and repeatedly extracted from a storage facility, loaded into the sample cell, tested and the foam index values tabulated.  The time between successive AFIT™ results varies between approximately 10-20 minutes.



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