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TFS sells its laboratory-scale, pilot plant-scale and commercial-scale TEP™ systems for removing impurities from fine-sized powders (2-800 μm), adding value to and creating markets for manufactured or by-product powders.  Laboratory-scale TEP™ systems, with batch processing, feed rate capacities between 20-40 pound-per-hour, and commercial-scale TEP™ cells, each with feed rate capacity of one-ton-per-hour, were installed during 2005 and 2006.  These systems are located in Canada, France, Greece, Italy and the US.


TFS sells its AFIT™ instrumentation for quantifying the foam index of cements, pozzolan mineral admixtures for concrete, and cement/pozzolan mixtures.  Accurately measured foam index values ensure that the amount of air entraining agent (AEA) added during the mixing of concrete with or without mineral admixtures imparts consistency in the amount of ‘air’ that is required within poured concrete, as normally determined by the ASTM C-231 method.  AFIT™ measurements predict the amount of AEA to be used for the cement and when pozzolans are used as cement replacements.  TFS built its first commercial AFIT™ instrument in late 2006; it is installed at an industrial site where it replaces the typical visual foam index technique.


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