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TEP™ Information Request Form
Please inquire about the applicability of our technology to your powders. We will respond promptly.

To assist us, please supply the following information:

1. What type of powder constituents are present (e.g., oxide in polymer)?
2. Is your powder dry? Yes     No
3a. Is your powder a physical mixture? Yes     No
3b. Are particles in the mixture mostly or partly distinct from one another? Mostly Distinct     Partly Distinct
4a. Is the impurity a majority phase
(>50% of the mixture)?
Yes     No
4b. Is the impurity a minority phase
(<50% of the mixture)?
Yes     No
5a. Is the impurity at very small concentrations
(< 2%)
Yes     No
5b. What is the impurity concentration?
6. What is the size distribution of your powder
(e.g., 2-35 µm)?
7. What are your goals for powder purification (e.g., remove ~95% of impurities while recovering >80 or purified powder)?
Your Company Name: 
Contact First Name: 
Contact Last Name: 
Area Code and Telephone Number: 
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