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TEP Applications

Energy By-product Processing.
TFS installed TEP™ cells within a commercial carbon-ash separation facility for coal combustion fly ash to create saleable fly ash for use as a replacement of cement and as an acceptable mineral admixture in concrete.  The technology has been proven using a modular concept, the basic building block of which is a one-ton-per-hour cell.

Commercial installation with 16 TEP™ cells for carbon-ash separation.




Stock Equipment Company


TFS also designs and sells laboratory-scale TEP™ systems useful for R&D and process assessments. They have been installed in laboratories in Canada, France, Greece, Italy and the US; in these laboratories dry purification testing is performed on materials as diverse as powdered wheat bran, plastics, electronic components, bauxite, gold-bearing minerals and catalysts.  Importantly, results from these tests are directly scaleable to commercial-scale feed capacities.

TEP™-20 laboratory-scale system


Food grade TEP™-40 laboratory-scale system

Food Grade
Laboratory scale TEP system

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