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TEP Capabilities/Benefits/Features

Specially designed and effective for powders having size less than 850 µm (20 mesh)

Achieving a 90% recovery
of purified metal powders
for prosthetic implants having
75% fewer ceramic impurities
would produce savings of
over $320 million per year
in the US alone.

Versatile feed rates ranging from less than pounds per hour to more than tons per hour
Can remove impurities in concentrations ranging from parts-per-million to percentile levels.


Dry Technology. Because no water is used, no product dewatering and/or water purification and treatment is required.
No new byproducts produced. Because no chemicals or reagents are used, no treatment or buffering of byproducts is needed.
High product yields. Because yields of
purified products are tuned to users’
requirements, the return on processing
and products is optimized.
Adds value to products. Because un-
wanted impurities are removed, the
products’ values are enhanced.
New sales and products opportunities.
Because products have superior
character istics after TEP processing,
new opportunities for product sale emerge.


Modular and scalable
Uses off-the-shelf components for construction and operation
Is robust with inexpensive replacement components
Does not introduce impurities
Operates over a broad temperature range

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