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Materials successfully separated
using TEP

For physical mixtures of two or more components, and with particles having size less than 850 µm (<20 mesh), TEP dry purification technology is useful in separating:Hip Joint

carbon and inorganic oxides
(e.g., aluminosilicates, silicates,
carbonates, clays)
carbon and metals (magnetic or non-magnetic)
inorganic oxides from metals
and from other inorganic oxides
metals from metals
(magnetic or non-magnetic)
polymers from metals and from
inorganic oxides
phosphates from silicates/clays
paint chips from metal, inorganic
or bio-based blasting media
catalyst components

TEP removes physically segregated impurities in industrial and mineral powders .
. eliminate imperfections in formed or machined parts
. increase the useful life
. increase the application or use of powders
. eliminate adverse reactions or implications


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