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TEP Technology

TEP technology uses:


gas transport processing
no moving parts or components
no chemicals or liquids.
TEP technology produces:
no ancillary byproducts
purified products from feeds with impurity levels between ppm-to-50%.
TEP technology operates:
over a temperature range of <32oF-to-750oF
with a feed rate range from <0.1 lb/hr- 20,000 lb/hr
under high throughputs of 4500 lb/(f2.hr) for powder bulk densities near 62 lb/f3.
TEP equipment:



is based on unique patented concepts
integrates into established or new industrial process flowsheets
uses materials of construction compatible with users' requirements
ensures specialized and ultra-pure processing needs
requires minimal power for its operation.

AFIT Technology

The automated foam index test (AFIT™) instrument quantifies the dynamic foam stability properties of air entraining agents, surfactants and foaming materials.

AFIT measurements

  • Are quantitative and repeatable
  • Do not depend on qualitative visual acuity
  • Can be transferred from laboratory-to-job site or between different job sites
  • Are acquired using fully automated software/hardware
  • Provide precise dosing levels of AEA for concrete mixes
  • Help improve product quality and product applications



What is TEP Technology?
What is AFIT™ Technology?
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