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TFAcoustics now offers the renowned ACUPRO and ACUPAVE impedance tube measurement systems with updated software and the well-known high-quality and reliable components for standardized sound absorption and transmission loss data acquisition. Both ACUPRO and ACUPAVE users know of the quality and dedicated service woven into each system, and are accustomed to the fast and reliable acoustic measurements that use of only one impedance tube for the entire frequency range of interest. TFAcoustics also sells sample cutting kits, individual components of the ACUPRO and ACUPAVE systems, and data acquisition and analyses software. With our colleagues, TFAcoustics offers vibro-acoustic assessments and consulting, and boundary element, finite element and statistical analyses.

The business goals of TFAcoustics are to further improve the quality and usefulness of ACUPRO and ACUPAVE systems and to continue to provide quality service and sales to our clients. We develop, manufacture and sell the most robust and highest-quality impedance tubes for the measurement of sound absorption in the laboratory and in situ. We create improved software that implements the needs and wishes of users and future clients. And, we offer and develop precision sample cutting tools for both absorption and transmission loss measurements that our clients require, and supply nonmarring sample removal tweezers and screwdrivers that preserve a new-like quality of the impedance tube systems. Our colleagues routinely use facilities, experimentation and software to understand and monitor sound emission and absorption of materials and devices, and have vibro-acoustic expertise and experience that are world-class.

Previously, Dr. Andy Seybert sold ACUPRO and ACUPAVE systems. It was first established in 1988 by Dr. Seybert after in 1977 he developed the fundamental insight and mathematical formulations for standardized acoustic absorption experimentation. In his landmark publication in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, he proved that random excitation and a pair of microphones could decompose a plane wave field in an impedance tube and then determine the impedance of the termination. He also pioneered the use of numerical methods in vibro-acoustics. His work led to the development of ISO and ASTM standards for the measurement of sound absorption. TFAcoustics is proud to have Andy Seybert as a colleague as we strive to continue long-standing excellence in and dedication to accurate sound absorption measurements.

Through our University of Kentucky Vibro-Acoustics Consortium colleagues, headed by Dr. David Herrin, industries are dedicated to the development and use of advanced computational and experimentation using vibro-acoustic methods. Its member industries are creating solutions for Noise-Vibration-Harshness issues and developing new approaches to assess them. The Consortium is a vibrant community providing solutions to today’s operational environments and offering unparalleled insights and information for futuristic visioning of instrumentation, industrial equipment, software and modeling, and measurement systems.

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