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TFAcoustics includes PCB Piezotronics ( microphones with its ACUPRO and ACUPAVE Measurement Systems. Please inform us if you want to use a different type of microphone.

TFAcoustics is pleased to recognize our colleagues:

  1. University of Kentucky Vibro-Acoustics Consortium ( This consortium includes 23 industrial members committed to the use of software and experimentation for noise and vibration modeling, prediction, and control. It promotes the understanding and use of vibro-acoustics software and experimentation for the design of quiet products

  2. TFAcoustics has taken over the ACUPRO and ACUPAVE instrumentation originally created by Dr. Andy Seybert and his company Spectronics, Inc. All development, sales and assessment services using the unique and robust ACUPRO and ACUPAVE impedance tube systems are now within TFAcoustics