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ACUPRO Measurement System

With the TFAcoustics’ ACUPRO Measurement System, you can evaluate sound absorption of, and the transmission loss associated with, materials quickly and accurately. Conforms to standards ISO10534-2, ASTM E-1050 and ASTM E-261.

“One tube – One sample – One measurement”


Uses standard ½ or ¼ inch microphones
100 W driver allows testing over a wide range of sound levels
Made of dense, highly damped materials to minimize excitation by internal sound
High wall TL allows testing in high-noise environments
Low ambient internal noise

Other Applications
Measurement of transmission loss of materials, mufflers, and silencers
Signal-to-noise measurements below ambient conditions
Phase calibration of microphones for sound intensity measurements
Frequency response checks of microphones and systems
Technical Specifications

More Information
ACUPRO 5 details (pdf file)
basics of absorption measurement (pdf file)