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General Documents

The following resources will provide general information on absorption measurement:

  1. Notes on Absorption Measurements
  2. Cutting and Preparation of ACUPRO samples
  3. BEST PRACTICES: A Guide to Making Effective Measurements of Sound Absorption Coefficient

Technical Papers

The following technical papers use the ACUPRO system to explore a range of acoustical issues:

  1. Experimental determination of acoustic properties using a two-microphone random-excitation technique
  2. Two-sensor methods for the measurement of sound intensity and acoustic properties in ducts
  3. Transfer function method for measuring characteristic impedance and propagation constant of porous materials
  4. Measuring Bulk Properties of Sound-Absorbing Materials using the Two-Source Method
  5. Error analysis of spectral estimates with application to the measurement of acoustic parameters using random sound fields in ducts
  6. Prediction of Sound-Absorbing Performance of Micro-Perforated Panels using the Transfer Matrix Method
  7. Enhancing micro-perforated panel attenuation by partitioning the adjoining cavity
  8. A Review of Current Techniques for Measuring Muffler Transmission Loss
  9. Accurate Measurement of Small Absorption Coefficients
  10. A Simplified Two-Load Method for Measuring Source Impedance
  11. Two-Load Method to Determine the TL of Mufflers and Silencers


Vibro-Acoustics Consortium Webinars are available to view on the organization's website. View Webinars

  1. The Vibro-Acoustics Consortium is composed of companies committed to the use of software for noise and vibration modeling, prediction, and control. The Consortium helps to understand and more effectively use vibro-acoustics software for the design of quiet products.